Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Angela - Muskegon Heights, Michigan
Entered on September 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe where there is a will there is a way!

My name is Angela L– and I am a second year senior in college. I am a full time mother and student. In addition, I work a full time job to support my two children. I am a language arts major and elementary education minor. I am currently the only person in my family seeking higher education. I am one of six children raised in a single parent household and most of my family has moved away from my home town, so I basically rely on myself for mental and physical support. Going to college and raising my family is extremely complicated. But I have a will to better myself, so I will find a way.

As I was growing up I did not have the advantages that many children experienced. I am the second oldest of six children and I was raised in a single parent household. I was obligated to help with my brothers and sisters because my mother worked full time to take care of us. I also lived in a neighborhood which is notorious for obstructing its people. From teachers that degraded students, to being treated like a common criminal by the local police force because of where I lived, and not having the support needed to excel in society put me at a disadvantage. Being from this neighborhood, I ran into countless circumstances, which could have derailed me from my dreams and influenced me not to seek a better life for myself. However I did not let these obstacles interfere with my plan. I have a will.

After graduating high school I attended community college until the spring of 2006 where I received an Associate’s Degree in science and arts. I accomplished this as a single mother of two and working. I had to find a way. This was very difficult for me to do, however I feel obligated to my children to provide better living conditions than I had growing up. After my experience at the community college I transferred to a four year university and began to seek a Bachelor’s degree in language arts and minor in education. I feel I need to lead the way, so that my children will follow in my foot steps. Nothing will get in my way.

My motivation! I have many sleepless nights and countless hours of homework and studies but I know that the end result will be worth it. In addition to my schooling, I am an active parent at my children’s school and dedicate many hours to showing my children the different characteristics of the world. I want to provide them the opportunity to experience things outside of their normal culture. I want my children to know there is a world outside “their world”. I do these things because I do not want my children to limit themselves in life. I will finish school and show them that with perseverance and ambition that anything is possible. My children are will, my aspirations, and my future.