I Stand

Jessica - Holland, Michigan
Entered on September 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

To say that I believe in love may seem easy or obvious. Who doesn’t believe in love? But I think that believing in love is unique to each individual. It’s hard to explain how such a universal concept can be so personal, but I think that my belief in love is well explained through the lyrics of Idina Menzel.

Have you heard her song “I Stand”? I think that this song, specifically the chorus, embodies exactly how I believe in love.

I stand for the power to change; I live for the perfect day: I truly believe that the Lord has blessed my life. I am free from any major physical pain or illness as well as any major emotional distress. But I know that there are millions of people in the world that suffer every day. Some suffer from terminal illnesses like AIDS or multiple sclerosis. Others suffer from easily preventable problems like hunger or thirst. I believe in helping these people. I believe in showing them love in order to change their lives. I believe that love involves some optimism. I hope to change the world in love so that one day we can live in peace, and that day will be perfect.

I love till it hurts like crazy; I hope for a hero to save me: I believe that you cannot love a little, but that when you love you with do so with all that you are. In loving with your whole heart I believe that you will suffer from rejection and criticism. But I also believe that there is a hero to save you from the dark areas in life. In my mind, my main hero is my Savior Jesus Christ. Regardless of the hero’s identity, I believe that in being a hero you must do so out of love.

I stand for the strange and lonely: I believe in love for all people. It sounds sort of cliché, but I believe in loving and caring for those who are considered different. I hope to bring comfort and company to those who are outcast because of their weight, race, gender, sexuality and many other qualities.

I believe there’s a better place; I don’t know if the sky is heaven, but I pray anyway: I know that there is a heaven. I don’t know that the sky is explicitly heaven, but I pray out of love and gratitude towards my heavenly Father. I believe that the love I exhibit and experience will create a better world. I believe that the world can be a better place and that heaven is a better place waiting for me.

If you couldn’t tell, I believe that love is the answer. It may not cure all disease or rid the world of all the dark things, but it certainly helps.