It’s Just Not There

Timothy - Livermore, California
Entered on September 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children, respect

It’s Just Not There

Today’s generation of youth are being raised so leniently that respect just isn’t there anymore. It’s sad when I’m at Target and hear the child telling the parent what to do. Also, respect in normal day society is diminishing as well. Where has respect gone?

I now see many commercials that advertise youth counseling and re-teaching for disrespectful and out of line kids. If I were to ever disrespect my parents, I would be grounded for at least the weekend and have many outside chores to take care of, and have no television or electronics for the time of being on restriction. Respect is big in my family and I don’t see why it’s just not there in others. I guess it’s from all of the child protection laws and the court system ruling more statements under the laws illegal. Such as, threatening to “correct” the child in means of physical punishment. It sounds bad, but I’m sure a child would stop if he/she was grabbed by the arm and walked to their room.

If I can’t try to have a fun time at the movies, watching the newest cool film that just came out with friends, because there is a group of immature and disrespectful kids throwing popcorn or yelling obscenities, then what will happen when those kids start having kids of their own? Also, at my work some customers, and employee’s, could care-less if they disrespected someone or as some people call it were “blatantly truthful.” I’ve noticed that I will only see common courtesy in some of the older, and wiser, adults. The adults there were raised on the thought that you respect everyone, and have the most respect for women. Though there are the few exceptions in teenagers who were raised, such as me, to show respect.

Respect will soon be no more if today’s youth are taught it. Parents telling children what to do will be a thing of the past, and kids will slowly take over.