WE are the same

Santana - Muskegon, Michigan
Entered on September 25, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

When I look outside, I see different colored and shaped houses, cars, flora, and fauna. I see them all blending together to make one picture in some uncontrollable frenzy, but having the ability to pull apart and create a new one. I know to myself that they are all the same, the pictures, the cars, and the houses, no matter how they appear to the eye. All of the pictures tell a story. The car moves Nouns from place to place, not all of them but any of them that can fit or want to fit. The house shelters Nouns, and in an undeniable careless manner as it cares not who it shelters.

I remember seeing persons cry because they had their feelings hurt, or are in physical pain. I remember seeing and hearing voices from different individuals, and they said the same exact thing. The voices sounded different but their point was the same. I remember watching as the weakest and strongest people crumble, as they morn lost loved ones in their lives to the earth. I have heard screams or terror and of joy by these same people. I do not see the color or the shape of any of these people but can only hear their voices and cries.

I have needlessly and endlessly been in diverse social situations, and have never been criticized for being there. I have felt what it was like to breath easy and feel easy when everybody did not look like me, and how it felt to not be scared because I did not fit. I was and have been accepted.

The world is full of color and differences, and I understand that it is all there for some reason. The color brings life, and I understand that. People are all individuals with beautiful wrapping, like we get on Christmas presents, and they all have different presents on the inside. I can see that no matter what is inside, they all bring the same joy those presents at Christmas bring to people all over. In some way, every person born on this earth brings happiness to others during their life, especially when it was least expected, and for this reason I believe that WE are all the same.