I Believe in the Ability of Love to Inspire Confidence

Laura - swannanoa, North Carolina
Entered on September 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Love is a powerful tool. It provides the gift of positive changes, no matter the problems someone may be facing. Love has the ability to inspire a confidence we never realized we possessed.

I am the perfect example of this power. All my life, I pitied myself. I could never see the good in me nor could those I grew up with. I developed a self-loathing for myself; I never expected to grow out of it. I had dug myself into a hole that I simply could not escape from. I looked up and all I could see was the darkness closing in on me as the days went by.

I never understood the concept of “self-confidence” until a special someone found his way into my life. I believed it to be an infatuation at first, but little did I know how real these feelings would become. I remember the very first time he complimented me; he looked deep into my eyes and said, “You’re beautiful.” My heart fluttered; I had never been told something so wonderful before. I managed to find a mirror and for once, the reflection I saw staring back was that of an attractive person. I was beginning to see myself through his eyes. I was beginning to see a beautiful side of me that he had known of since the beginning.

His love was willingly given to me. I never asked for it, nor did I demand it. He had grown to accept me for who I was, despite the many flaws I contained. His influence on my self-image was intoxicating. He would compliment my looks, and I began to see an attractive young woman. He would tease me about how I was such a nerd because of my intelligence, and I began to believe more in my ability to think and to use my mind. He believed in me, in everything I did. He jumped down into my hole of self-pity and brought out a confidence that had been lost so many years ago.

I never realized how simple my solution would be. My own cure was a realization that someone else truly cared for me. I never felt wanted; I only felt worthless. I felt undeserving of the love and affection I saw all around me. Though I will never understand why, he believed I was worth something; I was meaningful in his own eyes. Over these few years we have been together, my self-worth has increased tremendously. I find it easier to be accepting of compliments from everyone around me. I find myself believing in everything that I do. Even I can see the self-confidence that I have regained, as can those around me.

I believe that without love, I would’ve been forever lost. I would’ve grown up, despising myself. I believe that love brings us out of the darkness, and shows us how to believe in ourselves once more.