Whatever will be, will be

Natasha - Hopkins, Minnesota
Entered on September 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I felt pain stained in my eyes

When i heard you left that day

It was out of my hands to grip

And I silenced everything to say

I felt so undersized in a heavy situation

That had every right to do with me

Now my thoughts and feelings are so hard to admit,

Because i learned to keep them hidden

I should be used to letting go

Of the past and old memories

You tell me it’s time to clap at a new show

That I’m to young to worry

I know you are some what right

But it’s my lesson to learn

We all somehow want to change the present

Sometimes it’s better to watch it burn

And thats how you live your life everyday

Drifting with every different turn

Even though choices changed your life

There is one thing you always told me

No matter how much of the past you’ll regret

Whatever will be, will be

Moments that forever last

Questions like where i could have been

Every minute i exist in the past

I’m trying to catch the wind

These days I’ll shut my eyes to yesterday

When i open them i hope to see

A life not based on uncertainty

I’ll believe what you told me

Whatever will be, will be