Thank You For The Music

Jessy - Mendon, Vermont
Entered on September 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

I believe breaking into random song and dance is a perfectly normal thing to do. When done in public this act usually attracts stares and sniggers from onlookers. Let them point and laugh, as long as who are having a good time doing whatever wacky dance move you decide to attempt.

Look at those opera singers, ballet dancers, actors, teen start sensations, broadway stars, and of course, who could forget the common street performer. They get money and recognition for their singing and dancing. They are not doing anything different, except maybe their singing is a little more on key and their dance is probably a little more normal, but hey, I am just a kid, what more do you expect?

Singing and dancing are just things people use to express how they are feeling. Without that ability our world would be pretty boring. Just imagine, everyone going around in the same white cotton t-shirt, and style of jeans, talking in the same monotone voice. Boring is it not?

I was taught to live life to its fullest and enjoy every second of it. And if that means I have to belt out a few lines of a song and quickly revive a dance from the 80’s to get my point across, that is what I will do. Besides, showing your wild, crazy, creative, rock star side will not hurt a bit.

So as Shakespeare says, “Life is a stage…” And if life is a stage and we are the starring roles why not make that boring romantic tradegy into a toe tapping, head bouncing musical?