I believe in music

Shilpa - Herndon, Virginia
Entered on September 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I believe in music. It is a language that can never be fully understood. Music means different things to different people. For some people, music could be as basic as the daily sound of doors slamming and shoes tapping. With our busy lives, often music is stripped to that basic form. For some people, music plays a symbiotic role in their life. While they aren’t completely immersed in the details or makings of the music, they still resort to a listen every once in a while to motivate themselves or to jump start their day. And then there are people who believe music is their life. These musicians survive on music for their everyday duties. For them even the slightest sounds of branches swinging along with the wind could be as harmonious as a wind ensemble. For me, music has broadened my mind and continues to constantly inspire and captivate me.

Music has been the soundtrack to my life. Ever since I was a young child, my family would never reside in one place for more than three years. Every fourth year, I would be forced to move into a new place and lead a new life. While traveling around the world may seem exciting and adventurous, it was not enjoyable for me. I was required to attend school, make new friends and attempt to excel in my classes just as I would if I had lived there all my life. I couldn’t blame my parents for this, for they did everything possible to make the more convenient. But besides my family, my only other comfort was music. As I was brought up in a family where music was regarded divine, I grew up learning that music was an integral part of my life as well. Growing up, I was taught to sing, dance, and learn how to play the keyboard. Over time, as my interest in music broadened, so did my pursuit for greater study in music. From vocals I progressed into playing the viola and guitar. In my high school I became part of the orchestra for four continuous years. In those few years, I was inspired by my private teacher. My teacher taught me that music was a valued gift that is passed on for a lifetime. She broadened my perspective in life and led me to understand that true happiness can come from simple things. She taught me things I never could have understood by reading books. And I’m grateful to have met her through the gift of music. I continue to meet inspiring individuals with more knowledge and stories to tell. Music has drastically changed my life and led me to become a better person.