This I Believe

Jordan - Casa Grande, Arizona
Entered on September 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

“War good, Bar Bad? “

On one Friday night I was hanging out with some of my best friends getting ready for our

friend’s party. However, this wasn’t just your ordinary party where people drink and so

forth. This was a lingerie party. The girls obviously wore they’re lingerie and the guys

wore their underwear and that’s it. So me and some of my best friends show up in our

boxers and cowboy hats and have some fun. This party was also monitored by adults

over the age of 21 to make sure we all were drinking in a safe environment. Later that

night cops came and I ended up getting a minor consumption. If it was not for my age of

18 I would’ve got away from that clean as a whistle. There’s movement to change the

legal drinking age from 21 to 18. If you can vote, smoke, get married, die for your

country, get loans and live on your own; than why cant you be trusted with alcohol? Not

everybody drinks just to get drunk and be stupid. A lot of people I know just drink at a

controlled level just for the pleasure of it. Not to mention it would be a lot safer for kids

not having to party way out in the dessert away from cops. This is why I believe the legal

drinking age should be lowered from 21 to 18.

Although it seems a little crazy, but when you figure that lowering the age limit to consume alcohol will reduce in the amount that kids actually do drink doesn’t seem all that bad. Most young adults now a-days do this act of drinking just because it is seen as the “forbidden fruit”; something they want to do. In addition, if it is lowered it will give a sense of maturity to younger adults. We as 18 – 20 yr olds have a lot of responsibilities in our lives. We’ve have voted, sighed legal commitments, bought housing and vehicles, and most of us have already gotten some progress in college. This shows that we can and have taken control of our responsibilities and commitments. So if you can go die for your country at 18, having to be 21 to take a drink of alcohol seems a little ridiculous. Lowering the age limit will not cause more alcoholics, However because more mature and respected younger adults. This will be in a sense that they can control the amounts they can take in and find it more as an privilege they have been trusted with. This is a real legal movement that is happening that has caught the eyes of many people in America.

Over 100 college presidents from around the United States recently sent a letter to lawmakers in Washington asking them to consider lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18. However, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (the main opposing group) states that lowering the age limit will simply increase more fatal drunk accidents. In Europe, Mexico, And Canada the legal drinking age of 18 is working just fine. According to news internet sites in Europe they’re having very low problems with teen drinking, and that’s because kids are around it by the age of 15. This time around this subject is getting a lot of publicity that it needs to actually go somewhere. Authors are writing books why they believe it should or shouldn’t be lowered. There is debates on TV. about this subject. People are even saying that our next president will end up having to address this matter. Studies have shown that under-age drinkers drank more than those who are of age. Which could mean a significant boost in the economy. There is talk that if it is changed, if you are younger then 21 you will be advised to go through a program and pass it and have a certain symbol on your i.d. in order to purchase alcohol. In addition to the class they will have to attend, they will also need to obey very strict drinking laws. If they were to get caught breaking any of them they will then lose that privilege and be charged if it is necessary. The presidential statement suggests that based on our own experience of 24 years of this law on paper they believe that there is evidence to show that 21 is not working. It has unattended consequences and now it is passed time to open public debate of all of the affects of this law.

In conclusion, if you can vote, smoke, get married, die for your country, get loans and

Live on your own; than why can’t you be trusted with alcohol? It is said that in the

Constitution Majority rules. If 51% of the country votes yes to this it will then take effect.

So I am then challenging you to get involved. We should vote yes to move the drinking

age from 21 to 18. Not just so the now minors can become legal’s and get away with it,

but so we can reduce the risk of injury’s, accidents, screwed up records, and even deaths.

The drinking age now encourages binge drinking. With it being much safer for 18

through 21 year olds to come out from hiding in closed quarters in housing and out way

in the dessert and consume alcoholic beverages in a controlled and reasonable manner; it

will edge them to be a little more mature and aware of what they are doing and end up

toning it down. Therefore, I believe the legal drinking age should be lowered from 21 to