A Second Chance

David - Superior, Wisconsin
Entered on September 23, 2008
Age Group: 65+

A Second Chance

Inspired by reading the book, “This I Believe”, I began to write my personal philosophy based on what I have learned from my experience.

The first and most significant thing I believe is that there is something out there that is greater than humankind I have a hard time assigning a name to it but “higher power” seems to work for me at the present time. I believe that while this power cannot be seen with our eyes it can be experienced. My first experience was at thirty-one years of age when I was reborn to a life of sobriety and saved from a life of alcoholism. A set of circumstances occurred that was unplanned by me but ultimately prolonged my life and without a doubt enhanced the quality of it. Through the intervention of a treatment center, I was introduced to others who share my disease and a way of living that helps me maintain this new life. In a few words, it was a spiritual experience with a maintenance program. This experience opened a door to the idea that I am not alone and there is something beyond my own thoughts about life and living.

Secondly, I believe in the importance and the power of willingness as a force to help you succeed. To me willingness means to be willing to try, be willing to listen (really listen) and be willing to keep an open mind. I believe that this willingness helps me to grow even when I don’t know how to do it.

Finally, on the lighter side, I would like to note a few of the things that I have found to lift my spirits.

• Space exploration to me is exciting. It excites me about the possibilities that we may discover life “out there”. I keep a picture of a view of our planet from space as it helps me keep a perspective on our place in the universe.

• I like to play and watch others play sports. I enjoy watching sports in the following order, children, grandchildren, Packers, and all other.

• I also like to watch movies. Casablanca, Out of Africa, Platoon and Evita are my favorites. I like the history that is played in the background and the love story in “Casablanca” and “Out of Africa”, the reality of “Platoon” and the social struggle in “Evita”. I had to watch “The English Patient”

three times before I finally got it. Then I liked it. I prefer to watch a movie I like over and over rather than a new one. My wife is the opposite so I get to see new movies too. I admit to being in Love with Ingrid Bergmann. Meryl Streep is our greatest actor.

• My heroes are JFK, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Einstein William James, and Bill W.

• Favorite Humorist: Will Rogers

• Favorite concept learned: “It never too late to do something.”