Papa - Belleville, Michigan
Entered on September 23, 2008
Age Group: 65+
Themes: question


False expert: Somebody who falsely claims a special skill or expertise

[Early 17th century. Via French from Italian ciarlatano , from ciarlare “to babble, patter,” an imitation of the sound of empty talk.]

OK, I know about this word!

A thought that maybe I would try to think about this. There have been “false experts” claiming special skills or expertise throughout history. They seem to always be around. And many people seem to like to flock around “false experts” rather than thinking about their own thoughts about things. Actually, it seems that many people prefer to “flock” around “experts” so they can do the other things without worrying about it! But, people seem to have to come through with their thinking minds if they have to!

Perhaps, history will show that more people over the centuries are “thinkers” instead of “fllockers”.