I believe a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Dylan - Youngsville, North Carolina
Entered on September 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe a picture really is worth a thousand words. I believe that every picture shows a little something about a person, it can show your mood, it can show what was, and we can compare to what is.

My Grandmother passed away recently; she was sick for quite a while and was constantly in and out of the hospital. It seemed for a while that her health was going to improve. But soon after, she took a turn for the worst. She later passed away, but the story isn’t all sad, she was surrounded by her loved ones as she peacefully passed on. One of the things that I think will stick with me is all the pictures we looked at of her. We have pictures from when she was little, and we have pictures of her when she was in high school, and we have pictures of her and my grandfather when my brothers and I were little. Looking at all those pictures made me realize that we take the simple things in life for granted, like a photograph. I believe that the mind thinks of a memory as a picture, a quick snapshot of a memory. Think back to a favorite memory, you’ll probably remember a specific moment of that memory that always comes to mind when you think of that favorite thing, person or place, whatever your memory is.

My memory is of a single photograph. I was looking at a photo of my grandmother, after paying my last respects; I went with my family to view a collage of pictures my aunts put together. My memory is of the exact moment I saw this picture of my grandmother and grandfather. The picture was taken before I was born. It was of my grandmother sitting just to the left of my grandfather, they both had the largest smiles and the most joyous look on their faces. It reminded me of what happy people my grandparents were. Every time my family went to their house to visit, my grand father and grand mother would smile and ask us how we were and give us all a hug. That picture was the happiest I had ever seen them, out of all the times we went to visit, these were the biggest smiles I had ever seen them wearing. It makes me realize that even though my grandparents passed away, that no matter what I will always have a reminder if them, in the form of a simple picture.

I hope that everyone can learn the importance of appreciating a photograph just as I have. Just remember that a picture is two things: one, it is a link to the past, and two, it is a memory for the future generations. This I believe.