I believe in miracles

Derrick - Louisburg, North Carolina
Entered on September 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I believe in miracles. I come from a poor family my grandpa was illiterate mainly because he dropped out of school in the third grade. My mom and my uncle also dropped out of school, my mom in the eleventh and my uncle in the twelfth grade. It’s pretty sad when nobody in your whole family has even graduated high school. After my mom dropped out of school she stated working right away until she was nineteen, which was when she found out she was pregnant with me. It was so hard for her; I could tell that she was always worried about something. Sometimes I felt so helpless thinking about how I could help her and seeing her so stressed out all the time, it was very rare if you saw her laugh or even smile.

Most of the time she was saving every single penny she had just trying too pay the bills or putting food on the table. My mom and I had nobody to lean on when things got tough. My grandma and my grandpa died before I was born. I am not sure how she toughed it out day after day living paycheck to paycheck. It went on like this for many years until I was about ten. Life was starting to get easier for me and my mom until one night when we were coming back from her job we were a victim of grand theft auto. Mom cried all night I bet she was thinking why would somebody steal something from me I haven’t done anything to anybody. She toughed it out day after day until she was fed up with it and finally said I am tired of living like this. So during the next couple months she saved up all the money she could and went to Vance-Granville Community Collage and got a degree as a hair stylist. She finished up collage and bought a lot to start her own barbershop. She called it super clips and it is located in Wake Forest North Carolina.

Now its September 2008 I am sixteen years old. We used to live in a single wide trailer we didn’t ever have anything to eat and now we live in a four-hundred thousand dollar house and always have food to eat. Many people have role models that they barely even know well my role model I know inside and out and I love her. That’s why I believe in miracles.