Technology and its Advances

Jasmine - Louisburg, North Carolina
Entered on September 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the advances and improvements in technology today. The kind of technology I’ m referring to in particular are computers, cell-phones, television, video games, and electronics. All of those examples have pros and cons about them, but I’m going to write about the pros. Theses new technological advancements would include basic help in education for anyone whether it’s life-related or school-related. New advances and improvements in technology have gradually helped me over the years, and hopefully many more to come. Without technology, life would be really hard!

One day during my rocking freshman year, I had a dentist appointment at noon so I left school early. Well, I had approximately 1 and ½ classes left. So my teacher told me there was this new site on called Moodle that I could look at to get my homework and the rest of my notes. When I arrived at the dentist’s office, there was a new technology that really helped me and other patients out. Well, to sign in, you just use the touch-screen computer to sign in which is more efficient and saves a lot of time. A while back, you used paper and pencil to sign in, and in some places still do.

Another example of technology that is beneficial to me and my parents would have to be the use of cell-phones. Cell-phones make transportation easier as in teenagers going places. It helps when you’re lost or broken down and it can help your parents keep in touch with you…Cell-phones provide tons of fun also with the many games and the internet connection.

On a day that I remember in the year of 2007, my family and I took a trip to Myrtle beach, South Carolina. Of course, I brought along my cell-phone like any other kid my age would. I used my Cell-phone in a lot of ways that were beneficial to me and other people. I used my Cell-phone to mostly to call and/or text my friends to keep in touch while I was away, letting them know I was safe, what I was doing at the moment, and that I was having fun! I also used my cell-phone to play games and listen to music while I was on the 2-3 hour ride. It wasn’t just my phone that was helpful to me; my daddy’s phone was very beneficial to us all also! M daddy, unfortunately, made a wrong turn on the highway and had to use his GPS system to get us back on the right track which took only a couple of minutes. Without his cell-phone, obviously, we would’ve been riding along somewhere in the wrong direction to who knows where for who knows how long! Cell-phones aren’t a necessity but a luxury which helps many people in entertainment and communication.

Technology and its advances are really a big help to me, and billions of other people in this world. Anything from Electronics, Software, Television or any other technology where there are advances is always helpful and beneficial! Take the time out, and think about what our lives would be like without the technology we have! We would really go insane and ballistic without technology (Think about it)! I believe in technology because it provides people with new ideas, jobs, views, expectations and opportunities.