This I Believe

Detwonya - USA
Entered on September 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

This I Believe

I believe in music. The kind that is prayed so loud; you can barely hear yourself think. The kind that makes you feel much better about everything. Music can bring you down or make you feel better. Well the music I prefer and listen to is r & b, country, hip hop, and gospel. You can even switch it up with your mood. When you’re mad listen to r & b. When you’re sad listen to country. When listening to music it relieves you from a lot of things. Especially when you’re down. I listen to it when I am happy or sad. It’s just something about it that makes life so much better. It’s always good to listen to a song that relates to what’s going on. I listen to music almost all day. It gets me up in the morning and takes me to sleep at night. Music makes you cry, laugh, stare into space, think, calm down, and plenty more. You can never get tired of it. I know I don’t. I hate silence. Silence hurts my ears!

My biggest thing music helps me with is my Daddy’s situation. I have not talk to my dad in two years. Words can’t describe how much I miss him. When I turn on my IPOD and start to listen to the music. It seems like nothing else matters in life. A lot of people turn to drugs, alcohol, and other bad things. Well not me, I turn to music. Music is my drug. I am pretty much addicted to it!

Gospel is a strong piece of music also. It relieves so much pain. It always makes me feel better about everything. Music is so strong and powerful. Country is always calming also. Well it depends on what kind. Like Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, and a lot of other. The voices of country singers are so calming to me.

Another thing I turn to music for is, when I am doing wrong with God. When life just is not going right, I’m getting in trouble a lot. I turn to God and Gospel! It will lift your spirit so high. It is amazing how it works. One day I was just sitting there and I was thinking of all the things I have done wrong in my teenage years. I turn on Gospel and I prayed until no more words would come out. I ask God for forgiveness; apologize for a lot of things. I cried for forgiveness! That was the day I start to get my life together. Now that’s how powerful music can be. It can actually change your life. Now tell me music is not strong!

I think to myself sometime how the world would be without music. I told myself I don’t think it would go good at all. I also think what if music was a human being. What would he/she be like? What if he went to my school? Would I associate with him? All those questions have no answers! Someday they will. If you think about it the world is basically music. I say this because when you’re walking down the street, you are constantly making noise, and so are other people. When you put all those sounds are put together you get music.

They even had music thousands of years ago. It has been around for ages. All religions deal with music. How can not deal with music? Slaves use to make up there own spiritual songs. They also use their songs as a pass time method. They were songs full of encouragement, and freedom. They would sometimes get in trouble for singing.