Regina - Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Entered on September 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30


Recently, I’ve heard a lot about breadwinners. So what is a breadwinner? Who should be the breadwinner of the family? The definition of a breadwinner is a working person whose earnings support his or her dependents. I strongly believe the breadwinner should be the male. I’m not saying a woman shouldn’t work, but she shouldn’t be the only one. So why do we have so many women bringing in income, while men are doing other things besides working. Such as, playing their Xbox or watching the sports all day. I consider that as being lazy. A female shouldn’t be the one bringing in all the money unless the male is taking care of the children or he is disabled. These are the only reasons I would say its ok. Laziness is not a reason not to work and that applies to men and women. I guess I might be a little old fashion, but this is just what I believe. I see this issue as a big problem in the world today.

Why should a woman work for a man? They shouldn’t its time for women to wake up. I came from a single parent home where my mom was the breadwinner, but my grandparents raised their boys to be the breadwinners. In fact, both of my grandparents worked and still were able to raise their seven children. All of them worked on the farm to provide for the family. So no one was raised to be lazy. As my uncles became grown men, they still continued to work and provide for their families. Basically, my family doesn’t believe in a female breadwinner.

I really don’t understand why is it so hard to find a man these days that is willing to work. The only thing I could think of is because they weren’t raised to work. Many males come from single parent homes, majority headed by females. So if they didn’t have a male role model in their lives, they really didn’t have anyone to show them that a real man should work. I see a real man as someone that takes care of their family by providing for them, you can’t provide without money. Yes you can say you love your children, but are you helping the mother to put clothes on their back, shoes on their feet and food in their mouth? If not, how can you really love your child? Your child must have these things to survive.

In conclusion, I’m not saying all men are lazy because there are a few male breadwinners in the world today. I respect them for their responsible decision, but there needs to be many more men to take charge, by providing for their family. I also believe men shouldn’t wait until they are married, in a relationship or have a child before they develop this belief; I believe it should already be imbedded into their routine of life.