Too Early to Give Up

Kerry - Wilson, North Carolina
Entered on September 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

College was a time for me to decide what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, and I finally decided that teaching was the right path for me. I chose to do elementary education with a concentration in math because I had always enjoyed working with small children, and math was the subject I enjoyed most. Math was something that just came naturally to me, and elementary education would allow me the chance to concentrate in math. My father had always told me that I should have majored in math, so in a way he inspired me to have math be a part of my major. The only reason I never wanted to major in math was because I thought if all I would end up taking in college was math courses that I would end up hating math. That was something that I did not want to happen because math had always been something I loved, and it is involved in most things in life. Math is used to determine the best price at the grocery store, determining how much interest will be earned on money in the bank, etc. My sister was in her first year of teaching at this point, and she inspired me to want to be a teacher because I always enjoyed hearing all the plans she had come up with in order to have the students fully engaged in activities. Teaching was a passion I had always had, and working with children was very fulfilling for me.

Everything was going great until I ran up across a test called the Praxis I. I was terrified to take this test because my sister had problems with this test, and it was a rather expensive test. I finally decided it was time I took the test, and when I got my scores back, I was so upset because I had not passed the reading section of the test. I had passed the math and writing sections of the test. While I was upset, I knew that I could retake that one part and everything would be fine. Little did I know that I would end up taking the reading portion four more times and still not pass. I was running out of options, and I was running out of time because I had to pass that test in order to get into upper division. I had no idea what I was going to do because I finally had reached the end of all the classes I could take that were non-upper division courses. The test did not prove how good of a teacher I was going to be, which made me not understand why this test played such a pivotal role in my major. I had to learn that I could not give up because of this test, so life will always go on after a test, which really is just a bump in the road to get to success in life.

I realized that my dream of being a teacher had not ended because I discovered there were other ways to work with children besides teaching. I found a wonderful major that would still allow me to work with children, but my options were more open as to what I could do with children. I was so happy because the biggest draw for me to having a teaching license was because I could work with children, but no matter what, there are always ways around an obstacle. Dreams can always come true, but in other forms than someone had originally planned.