Slow and Steady wins the Race

Shane - Aydlett, North Carolina
Entered on September 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Slow and steady wins the race. I believe that being slower is not always a disadvantage. In this modern age, we are so concerned with how fast we can do things, or how long it will take to get somewhere. We eat fast food, drive fast cars, and busily rush around all day. Every internet company talks about how fast their connection speed is. Even the pizza man has to be to your house in 30 minutes or less or your pizza is free.

In a society that is so obsessed with speed, I believe that sometimes slower is the way to be. I believe that rushing around and deadlines create stress and really take the spirit out of good people. Sometimes we may not be able to control the fact that we are late or in a rush, however, we can control how we handle that situation. I have seen people get visably and verbally upset at fast food workers for not having their meal out in 7 minutes. It seems that sometimes 7 minutes is all it takes before some people decide to be mean to someone they have just met. I believe if we all took a minute to step back and analyze, we would realize that perhaps we arent in that much of a rush at all.

I remember when I was 15 and about to get my learner’s permit for driving. My grandmother told me a story that has stuck with me a long time. She told me never to speed, because it would never be worth it. She used to leave our home in northeastern North Carolina to commute to Virgina for work, which was just over an hour away. Once she reached the bypass she would notice people speeding past her that she worked with. Another thing she realized is that despite the fact that they were going over 70 miles an hour, they would only arrive at work less than 10 minutes ahead of her. Not only were the risking injury or an expensive ticket, but they were only gaining a matter of ten simple minutes in return. Ten minutes of my time isn’t worth that much to me and I would hope, in retrospect, not to anyone else as well.

In the afternoon, two years ago, I was leaving a local community college that I attended. I was headed home for the day and came to the last stoplight before I left the city to commute back to my house in the neighboring county. As I approached the redlight I stopped and began to put a CD into the CD player. I noticed the light turn green and I switched it to my favorite song. As I began to hit the gas to leave the intersection, I heard a loud honk. As I looked left I noticed an 18-wheeler run the light, because he had picked up too much speed coming down the bridge. If I had been in a rush, I may not be writing this today.

This isn’t about speeding, or mistreating fast food employees. It’s about taking the time daily to slow down and apprieciate life. Give yourself a minute to enjoy your day. Time is precious! Our time is precious in that we should be enjoying every moment, not rushing from dawn until dusk. The more you rush around the more stressed you will become and you will find that, at moments, you will not act yourself. I believe sometimes everyone needs to stop, take a deep breathe, and enjoy life as it comes your way.