Life is Delicate

Victoria - Crozier, Virginia
Entered on September 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Young, Full of Life, Energy, and Enthusiasm. Shattered in an instant.

Life is nothing but a breath, Life is Fragile. I believe life is delicate. I never knew how precious life was until six years ago when I lost what was the closest thing I ever had. My brother’s life was taken, no warning or reasoning, just taken.

Anyone would think that a strong, handsome, successful twenty year old man would be on top of the world ready to take on what ever was thrown in his way, Invincible, but not a fragile being.

It was a June 2nd, 2001, when I walked into my small house with my mom kneeling on the floor with her closest friends and family encompassing her. To the left, three stature composed men in full military uniform with stark white gloves. I had no grasp on the reality of that moment. I knew they had come to deliver something beyond tangibility; they delivered what would cause our family the hardest upcoming years of our lives. I was then sat down at the cold, hard, sterile kitchen island, but at this point I already knew what had happened yet I still needed to be told; I needed it to be heard for it to be real. Then it came, with four of five heartless words, followed by silence. My heart dropped. I had never felt so vulnerable I felt stripped. As the months went on I began to realize how I should start to appreciate everyday given to me. Life is nothing but a gift. If you have ever attended a funeral viewing, walked through hospital corridors, or driven by a terrible accident. You know life is a gift.

So what is life? Webster’s dictionary defines Life is a state that distinguishes organisms from non-living objects, being manifested by growth through metabolism and reproduction. It doesn’t state Its brittleness or that is should be considered a gift. In life many say the best thing given is the gift of a child. Think of a new born child, a baby’s first breath is strongly anticipated. It is the first thing to be accomplished upon entering the world. Most babies take their first breath along with a profound cry. But some infants won’t have that chance. In the natural course of life events, babies are least of all expected to die.

It proves that we are born fragile, and through life we grow with change. Change can cause pain and uncertainty and with pain and uncertainty we become susceptible to fragility. We are nothing but a breath. I believe that the life given to us is a delicate one.