I believe bad things happen for good reasons.

Matthew - York, Pennsylvania
Entered on September 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe bad things happen for good reasons. I’ve believed this from the moment I was nearly killed during birth, up till just this last weekend. On March 5th, 1990, I was born after an emergency c-section because my throat was being choked by my mother’s umbilical cord. This incident helped me appreciate and value my life. Sure, I was young and probably didn’t have a clue it even happened, but my mother never let’s me forget about it when she sees me doing something stupid. Just 3 years later my birth-dad left my mother, and my brother and I. Up to this day I believe that it was for the best. Because my birth-dad left us, it brought my brother and me closer because he took care of me better than my careless birth-dad would have. Whenever I’d get in trouble he’d be the first one there. Even though he still lives at home and is 23, he is still a role-model for me. Don’t worry though; he’s on the road to moving out soon! I believe that bad things happen for good reasons because my step-dad that has been with my mom for the last 11 years provided a ton more opportunities for us than I would have ever imagined. Even now, I consider my step-dad my real dad. I remember being amazed my mom was dating a guy with a cell phone just over a decade ago. She thought that was an embarrassing thing to say. Don’t get me wrong, my child hood wasn’t that rough. I played soccer and hockey at a district level for the last 10 years, went to a good school with tons of friends, had a decent size house, and a family who loved me. I believe bad things happen for good reasons. I learned that “moving a referee” wasn’t exactly the best option when angry after getting 2 yellow cards at senior night at my last home school soccer game. Needless to say, I learned how to give a statement and handle stress as things worked out on their own. But up until this last weekend I’ve been good. That is, until Friday night. I was walking from party to party, and unknowingly, two police officers came out of nowhere. After a half hour of questioning and exchanging information, I was cited for underage possession of alcohol. I was obviously afraid to tell my parents what happened. I couldn’t help but think maybe it was for the best. After all, my birth dad was an alcoholic. Maybe this was God’s way of saying I should not be drinking. I think I’d take a ticket over being addicted to alcohol any day. I believe that because of my mistakes in life I can learn from them and never make them again. What is done is done; there is no point worrying about the past. So I do believe bad things can happen, for nothing but good reasons.