The best is yet to come

Thomas - Mobridge, South Dakota
Entered on September 22, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: disability, love

This I believe. The same love that come from the hearts of the disadvantaged, is the heart of a Down’s Syndrome child. After listening to Gregg Roger’s essay I’m reminded of my the late 70’s when I was a resident of The Black Hills Workshop School. A young 17 year old. Having problems in regular school, and home. Before being shipped to Pine’s Edge Hosing to work at the sawmill.. There was paperwork tp do at the main facility. Interupted by one of the long term residents who wanted the attention of the lady doing my paperwork:” Whitie out..then come help me!” I was offended, but I understood his emotions, steeped in racist immaturity. He was never to learn the message I had. Of tolerence and love. I met a lot of kind people there. Some with Down’s Syndrome, some mentallty challenged, others like you and me.. One like Robert Richard’s (not his real name), who shared a trailer with myself and two other guys there at the sawmill.Built like a brick wall, yet accepting, generous, and gregarious. He never let on his Down’s syndrome ever bothered him or stopped him from living his life to the fullest.Admitting one night ater a party at a local church:”girls don’t like me.” he stated. I told him that the girls there were very young, and didn’t understand, and didn’t know how to accept a fine man like him.. He nodded his reply.God must give a special kind of love to both the children and parents of those who have to deal with this disabilty.Frankly it is society which is disabiled. The wide eyed love, the accepting under conditional heart of the fortuneate enough to accept this world at face value, minus the cynisism, and skeptisium that comes from this world’s dissapointments, is what gives Down’s Syndrome children/people the blessings they are. To all of us. This I believe.