I’m Always the Designated Driver

Adam - Monroe, Connecticut
Entered on September 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I met almost all of my friends growing up in school, and almost all of them drink alcohol, or do some other type of drug. In a way I like to say that I am part of a minority because I don’t, but I don’t like to think that I am any better than anyone else in this world. I just believe in keeping my body pure, and staying away from drug use.

I have dated people who drink, some of my best friends smoke on a daily basis, I don’t look at them any differently just because they do that, but they know that I won’t join them in a bong hit, and they respect me for that. Going to parties is a big part of my life; I enjoy having fun with other people. These parties I go to are almost always based around drinking, because people rarely have parties without that stuff nowadays. That doesn’t stop me from playing beer pong, and being terrible at it if I may add, it just means that my partner gets to drink more. But there are always bad parts to parties. When people get drunk, stupid things tend to happen. I like to know that I will never embarrass myself in ways such as these people do. Most of my stories that relate to drinking are always funny ones but there are a few I could think of that aren’t so funny. On example being a fight I got into with one of my friends over something completely stupid that was blown way out of proportion because he was drunk.

I think drinking is stupid. I’m not here to preach to anyone to stop, or anything like that. I’m just simply stating what I believe. I have lost friends due to drunken car crashes, I have lost friends due to overdoses, and this isn’t anything that is new to the world. You hear things like this on the news every day. Read the obituaries in the newspaper some day, and see how many of those deaths are drug related. I hope someday people could see how bad things like smoking, excessive drinking, and hard drugs are for you and stop doing it, but I know this is one of the many things that I may never see happen in my lifetime.

“True ‘till death,” It’s a saying that I use a lot, and is thrown around in the straight-edge community very frequently. Basically it means stay true to what you believe, and have the strength to stay true to it until you pass away. That saying is the one thing that I’ll live by, and no one will be able to change how I feel about that. I believe in keeping my body pure, and it’s going to be that way until I’m gone.