This I Beleive!

Stephanie - Alamo, California
Entered on September 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe: Every child should have a pet to care for and to love. Not only will a child have a best friend and something to occupy its time with that is not a TV, but the child will learn responsibility and how to properly care for someone that it loves. Growing up I was lucky enough to have not just one pet, but a whole bunch of them. Yet, I have one especially to thank for all the lessons she taught me.

Tiffany, my black little goat was that special animal. I first saw her when she was just a baby, at a friend’s farm, and I had to have her. Living in a suburban area, this was not entirely possible but my family made it work. I brought her home on a sunny afternoon in July when I was eight, and was so excited. Her home at the time was a large dog crate, but I knew that this was not going to do for my princess. So it was time to build.

I built her a beautiful stall, with a little help from my dad, and organized her stall perfectly. I spent hours building her toys to climb on out of wood and decorated her toys and stall with finger paint. Throughout all this I started to realize the responsibility that I had for Tiffany, and being so young this gave me importance and a feeling of being needed. I picked her grass each day, took her on walks on the Iron Horse Trail, and even took her to school for show and tell. Tiffany was my best friend.

Now looking back on my childhood I really believe that all children should be allowed to have a special pet that is theirs to be responsible for. This was so important for me and helped me grow up and take on the challenge of taking care of something that I loved. I believe that if every child had the opportunity for this, there would be a significant decrease in children getting into trouble with the law, drugs, and alcohol, because the children would be occupying there time with something important that is bring them further in life.