This I believe

Hanna - portland, Oregon
Entered on September 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

This I Believe

I believe in families!This summer I lost my friend in a car accident to drinking and driving, on August 2, 2008. He was a great guy, you would say one of a kind.

When my family realized what had happened we all panicked. Our minds stared to race thinking of ways to help the people in need, but the one thing we forgot was we needed to come together as a family. We were to busy helping the people in need to even notice our needs. Finally, we came together and expressed our love for our friend who had died at the age of 23.

When we were invited to the funeral, the family members wore purple. We wore that color because the mother of the child said “The purple color is the color of royalty.” Now every time I see or wear purple I am reminded of my friend who died. It made everything even harder to go, to his funeral on August 20th especially when it was on his birthday. I remember sitting there looking up at the slide show, that was filled of pictures of him and his life, I have never felt so helpless. After the funeral we drove home silent. I’m sure we were all thinking of all the wonderful things we did with him, and how much were going to miss him.

I remember looking over all the beautiful faces, drowning in there own tears of sadness. I hate thinking he won’t be around any more, but somehow I feel everything will be OK but for now it will take time to heal my broken heart. From that day on I realized how important families are.

They have that famous saying “ you never realize what you had until its gone.” I hate to agree but I do. I hate to say this but I wish to go back and spend more time with him. So now more than ever, I try to spend more time with my family, when there still around. I will never forget the color of my friends blue eyes, every time I see the color purple. I would do anything to keep my family around,I love them no matter what happens. I could truely say I believe in families!!