I Believe in Organizing

Nicole - Marshfield, Massachusetts
Entered on September 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in being organized. I believe that if there were never such a thing as organization, we would still be living like Neanderthals. Organization ranges from putting order into our daily lives to establishing a well thought out government system. I believe that being organized makes life flow a lot more smoothly than if you were a mess all the time.

Personally, I am an anal retentive, over compulsive, neat freak. I have to have everything in order or it won’t be a pretty sight. From my closet having all wire hangers, to my flip-flops being in rainbow order, my room is always neat and clean. I remember one time my mom put my clothes away for me – let’s just say that will never happen again.

There are three steps to being organized. The first step is to know what you have to do. If you know everything you have to do before you do it, you won’t be so all over the place. If you know you have to get your car washed, go to the bank, and the post office, and put gas in the car, then do it when you first think of it. If you do this chances are you won’t have any of those surprise moments when you run out of gas on the highway, or you go to buy coffee with your debit card and your card gets declined.

The second step to being organized is to know when to do the things you need to do. Take the same examples: if your car is dirty, wash it as soon as realize that, don’t wait for someone to write ‘wash me’ on the rear windshield. As soon as you get your paycheck, go to the bank, don’t let your paychecks pile up because you don’t feel like driving across town. When you see that your gas-o-meter is only a quarter full, go to the gas station and fill it up, don’t wait until the little bell chirps to tell you that your tank is on empty.

The last step is to have a routine. If you have a specific day to do your laundry, a certain time of the day to do your homework, certain days to do your errands, it will eventually become a routine and you’ll just automatically do it. If you take time to just plan everything out, write everything down, think everything through, then you’ll find yourself in a routine. It usually takes about four weeks to create a habitual routine. Once you know everything you need to do, find yourself doing it right away, and feeling more relaxed – that’s when you know your organized.