I Believe In Golf

Caston - Gilbert
Entered on September 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe in the excitement and camaraderie in the game of golf.

It was about four in the afternoon when I approached the 18th tee. The sun had been blasting heat all day and now it was hotter than ever. I had been playing a fantastic round of golf and I needed a birdie on the last hole to set my personal best record. It was time. I took out my driver and looked into the fairway. It was a narrow tree-lined fairway which gave little room for error. The ball flew off the driver with a soft bang and floated up into the air. After I made contact with the ball, I looked out into the fairway and was glad to see that my ball was safely in it.

When I started to walk to my next shot, I noticed the great scenery around me. There was a rich fragrance that came from the flowers that were sitting outside the rough. Also, quaintly blended into the background, was the sound of the bees buzzing and bumping into each other. Finally, when I reached my ball, I saw all the tall pine trees that surrounded the hole. These sensations are just some of the things that drive me to play golf.

Thinking deeply as I got to my ball, I debated whether to lay-up or go for the green. This decision was a very important one because it could mean that I would set my personal best score. Based on all the different factors, I decided to go for the green. This was not an easy shot by any means. The shot was about one hundred and seventy yards slightly uphill with the pin tucked in the back left portion of the green. The seven iron was the club. I addressed the ball with the intensity like a tiger has when he is hunting his prey. After I had addressed my ball, I took the club back and swung away. The ball rose high into the air, carving with the wind as it went closer and closer to the hole. It came down and landed softly on the green about five feet away from the pin.

Excited as I was to go up to the green and attempt to make the putt, I had to restrain myself from not getting too anxious. Being the person I am, I sometimes get a little jumpy over the shorter putts, so I needed to relax and take my time. I lined it up and hit a great put that rolled toward the center of the hole. And with a BANG!! It dropped into the cup.

Experiences like these are the things that get me excited about the game of golf. Will I ever again have a great round like this? I hope so. But that’s the reason why I believe in the wonderful and thrilling game of golf.