Piano-Playing Fingers

Daniella - Gilbert, Arizona
Entered on September 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe in long, piano-playing fingers. After an exhausting day at school, the thing I look forward to most, is to relax, and by relax I mean, play the piano. I have been playing piano for ten years now, since I was five years old. After the first four years, I found practice to be quite a joy. For me, playing piano is the way I can become stress-relieved, and unperturbed. The piano is like a painting because anyone can express his or her feelings in any technique they desire.

Observing. Practicing. Perfecting. I remember the first time I sat down at the piano. I forgot the world around me. I ignored the noises outside and did not think about my worries. I focused completely on my music. As I began to play, the silence within my house filled with the sound of blustering but peaceful, classical music. It was then when I realized how important piano, yet alone music is to this world. It was then when I uncovered my passion for becoming a true musician.

Music is something that comes from inside. It is something that I was born with. For me, music is my passion. It is something that moves me, and in a way it makes me feel serene. Music is basically a tradition in my family. My mom, my aunt, and my cousins all play the piano, so I pretty much grew up with a musical background.

When I sit at the piano, my long fingers feel the smooth, flat, black and white piano keys. I am in awe of how a large instrument like the piano can play out graceful notes, and that each key is controlled by its own string. How does each key create a diverse sound? I visualize each note and program them in my mind.

The piano has a unique role in the family of music because of its surreal sound. I have learned that playing the piano requires a lot of practice. Every night, as I thank God for all his blessings, I also thank Him for my long, piano-playing fingers.