What is Life?

Gregory - Cross Junction, Virginia
Entered on September 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

What is Life?

I always thought that life was pointless. You aren’t asked to be born, but you are. You don’t want to go to school, but you do. You don’t want to get a job, but you work. At one point you probably don’t want to die, but you will. Without your consent life is thrust upon you and it never stops.

My view on life was that it was just blasé the whole way through. I never really got the point of living. I never wanted to kill myself, or anything of that nature, but I figured if I died tomorrow it wouldn’t be a big deal. That mind set changed a few times over the course of my senior year of high school.

I want to a pretty big school; I had a graduating class of 705. It took just one student to make the entire school feel mournful for quite a while. A kid named Mark was late to work, so he jumped in his car really quickly, turned on the car and sped down the highway, with no seatbelt on. As his car went flying through the air, he was thrown through the windshield. He was found in a canal about fifty yards away. One life made an entire community feel terrible. Another incidence that hit me more close to home happened a few months later. My best friend found his step-father dead in his bedroom. With Mark, it was very sad, but I didn’t know him too well or at all, with Charlie it was a different story. I’ve had conversations with him and seen him every time I would go to my friend’s house. When I went to the wake there were hundreds of people. It made me see that just one life was so important to so many people.

I felt like life may be worth living. To make connections with people and to have good times with friends and family, that is what’s important. Life is good and is meant to be lived and cherished. My life isn’t something small or insignificant, it means a lot to a lot of people. It wouldn’t have been easier to have never been born, it would have been worse. If I never lived I would never have had all the good experiences, and the family, and the friends. It took two deaths to make realize life. Life is meant to be lived. The purpose of life is to have good times, and to be cherished. Because of this, I believe that life is worth living.