The Glove

Alec - Gilbert, Arizona
Entered on September 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I can remember the first time I put that glove on. It felt like it was custom-made to fit my hand. It was a Rawlings Golden Glove Series and was made of black leather. On the side it had the word “Brew” sewn on to the side with red letters, which was my coach’s nickname. The glove was perfect for any infielder because it was relatively short and had a deep pocket on the inside. The perfectly conditioned leather on the inside of the glove was a soft as a new cotton shirt. I used that glove for the entire eighth grade season.

I remember the first practice we had in eighth grade. It was tryouts to see who would get what position. After practice, I stayed at the field because my dad had not shown up yet. Jamie Brewington, who was my coach, strolled up to me and said, “You did really well at third base today” which surprised me because he had been correcting me all day. That was the first time that my coach encouraged me that year. Throughout the year, Coach Brewington pushed me to get better. Why was he doing this? Because it was still the beginning of the season, I didn’t understand that he thought that I was good. I believe a little encouragement can go a long way.

The last game in the season was against Northwest Christian Academy in the second round of the tournament. We lost. After the game, I went to return the glove that Coach Brewington had lent to me earlier in the season. When I gave it to him, he thought for a while then gave it back to me and said, “Keep it until you stop playing baseball.” Remembering how well the glove preformed during the season, I gladly took it back. When he gave me the glove, I realized that he thought I could become a great baseball player.

I will always remember the day when he gave me that glove. It was one of the reasons why I decided to play the next year in high school. I believe a simple object can mean so much more. I believe in a coach’s encouragement.