She’s My Hero

Josefina - eloy, Arizona
Entered on September 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe in bonds between mothers and daughters are important. My mother has always been my hero.Growing up I have always been close to both my parents but, bonded more with my mom. I was seven years old when the troubles between my parents began to happen. I would see the abuse that took place in our house, and was scarred with all the memories.Being the mother she was, she decided to stay for my sister and I. One day while helping my mom clean the kitchen, I looked at her face and into her eyes.They seemed empty and began to tear. She told me to sit down at the table. She then gave me a strong hug and apologized to me, She said “Im sorry baby for everything that goes on around here,and I wish that I could give you better”.I really didn’t understand what she meant by that. As long as she was a part of my life I was happy.

Over the next years things began to worsen. She realized that things weren’t getting any better,and that’s when she decided to leave.The last thing she told me before she left was that “You’ll always be my little girl”,that nothing was going to change between us and that everything was going to be ok.

She said that nothing was going to change but it did, she said that everything was going to be ok but it wasnt.At first she would visit, but then after a while, there would be times I wouldn’t see her for over a month. sometimes I felt like she had abandoned me.

Later I began not to worry about her anymore. I would go out with friends and began to smoke marijuana, and sneak out to random parties. My dad and I had become distant, and didn’t get along, and my grades in school began to fall. My life started to become a real disaster.

It wasn’t long before my mom decided to come back into the picture was disappointed and angry with her. I didn’t know if I could ever have trust her the same way. However, I also was glad that she started to come around again. After I got over my stubbornness, we began to rebuild that trust. She would visit quite often and made sure that I was doing good. Just her presents and her company gave me that awesome feeling of comfort.

I stopped all the bad habits of smoking and sneaking out. My dad and I began to get along. I even passed my eighth grade year with high scores.Years have gone by and since then my mom has been a big part of my life. I don’t think Id be here today if it weren’t for her.Don’t get me wrong my dad’s been there 100%,but I feel that my mom played a big part of helping me get through life because, of that special mother daughter bond we shared. She’s a strong survivor,and my inspirational hero. A bond between a mother and daughter can a strong beautiful thing,thats why I believe that mother daughter bonds are important.