An Escape from Society

Kasey - charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The material world can become overwhelming. People worry too much about the bigger things in life and let the smaller things go by unappreciated. People need an experience that will help them reestablish their interest in the simple things that let us go on with our daily lives.

For me this experience is camping. Nothing can compare to taking a few days off from everything and going out into the wilderness. Maybe not the middle of nowhere wilderness; a campground with toilets and showers is a good enough escape. Here you can be free from distractions; no cars, no football, no cell phones. With these things gone you can focus on the smaller things in life. Everyone seems to have a differing view of what the smaller things are, but for me they are considered whatever I take for granted.

I believe that everyone should escape from their “lives” in some way. Stop thinking about school or careers and just relax. Have some time to relax and think about the deeper things in life. Every summer me and all the other kids in school leave with the intention of not thinking too hard for a good couple of months. We get away from our “lives” or the beginning of what our lives are going to be.

With this time you can think about what you define the small things in life as. It could be spending time with family, which too many people take for granted, or it could be as simple as a hot cup of coffee. That cup is the first thing that enters your body everyday. Without it you may not even function and yet it goes by unappreciated when you can see the white at the bottom of the cup.

I believe that a vacation from the regular, materialistic world is necessary. People need to think about the less important things and how they affect their lives. This experience allows people to get away from all of the drama of society brings, whether it’s from school, relationships, jobs, or somewhere else.