Beauty is Relative

Kaeli - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Beauty is relative. A person’s perspective can change meaning and the overall effect on those around them. When I glance through the magazines in the grocery line I always come across the, “HOT or NOT,” list, and the “bad” pictures of all of these famous people in there everyday lives. What gives them the right to decide who is beautiful and who is not?

I’ve seen so many people torn apart by that one thing, beauty. Everyone sees things completely different. So, what makes this so called beautiful person? I remember my freshman year I wanted to be a model, and so I studied things like the show, “America’s Next Top Model,” and I really got into it. I mean I was doing my model walk and crazy make up for my own fierce photos; I even studied all the precautions and procedures of becoming a model. Not only that but I picked up some pretty bad habits along the way. As I got more involved, I found my-self thinking critical thoughts all the time. Then eventually my self-criticizing slipped out in conversation. It just never seemed to be enough. Not to mention I was like a foot too short for the industry itself (hah). I eventually grew out of that phase but I still think about it from time to time.

I looked up, “beautiful people,” in the dictionary and this is what I read: “wealthy or famous people whose lifestyle is usually expensive and well publicized.” Seriously?! Seriously? That to me is just ridiculous; I am ashamed that, that is the definition. So basically, outside of famous people no one else is beautiful? Yeah maybe someone doesn’t appeal to, you but that does not mean they are not beautiful to anyone. Beauty should not be this seasonal fashion change; it is not a fact or a general statement.

Now, it seems so odd to me that I used to get wrapped up in all of it. Everyday I see so many people that care just as preciously as I once did, and I still do from time to time. Now I try my best not to say, “Oh, you look so pretty,” because I know that anyone else that hears me consciously or not, it makes an effect on how they see themselves. No one can say someone is or isn’t beautiful. Beauty is relative, this, I believe.