Conor - charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Teachers are the essence to a wonderful life. While still being in school I try to treasure every moment of it, from subjects I love like chemistry, to subjects I hate like history. It has all changed my life and will continue to in the future.

High school started off rough. I used to dread going to school. I can’t count how many times I would fake sick to not have to attend that horrific place. I had a dream to become a rock star. But after really looking into the future, that dream disappeared.

I was required to take chemistry 1. All of my upperclassman friends told me this was the hardest class in high school. In fear, I walked into the classroom and took my seat, right in front of the class. The bell rang and my teacher Mr. Cartiff walked in. “welcome to chemistry I” he spoke softly and kindly. “I’m Mr. Cartiff and I have been teaching chemistry for about 14 years, I have my master in chemistry education and my bachelors in English”. What a weird combination I thought.

As the year progressed, I found I loved chemistry. It felt so natural to me. My teacher let me teach the class lesson on material I found very easy to me. After I finished teaching this lesson, Mr. Cartiff pulled me aside. “You have a gift, you are an outstanding teacher” this is when I realized that my calling in life was to educate people. Learning and realizing that teachers are the most influential in my life has impacted my life on a level I cannot even begin to fathom. Teachers encourage me to chase my dreams and learn everything I can. The most important aspect they have taught me is to never give up.

They are what make’s the world spin, teachers. Without education where would we be? Education is the key to a successful and happy life. And teachers are the only ones that educate you in subjects you are passionate about. Whether it is from making millions or just an individual child happy, teachers achieve this everyday. I know I don’t everyday.

This I believe, teachers are the most important profession.