This I Believe

David - State College, Pennsylvania
Entered on September 22, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65


I had just recently agreed to be Lay Leader at our local church. The minister approached me and asked me to assist a guest preacher in our Sunday morning service when he was to be away. I agreed and was there at the appointed time. The guest minister had not yet appeared but we started the service on time.

The time was rapidly approaching for the sermon and the guest speaker had still not appeared. Unknown to us, a sudden ice storm had hit Baltimore and the speaker was unable to get out of her driveway. She had tried to call the church to tell us but our phones were not being answered because we were all in the service.

I rose when the time came for the morning message and explained that our guest speaker had inexplicably not appeared. I proceeded to relate to the congregation a short story that I had just read by one of my favorite authors, Ray Bradbury. It was called The Man and had a religious theme about a man searching for Jesus on many worlds and always just missing him. I tried to relate the story to our search for God and our inability sometimes to recognize him in our daily lives. I remember very little of what I said, although people told me afterward that it was a pretty good message.

I have been a churchgoer for many years, ever since my brother dragged me and my parents to church. However, the incident I have related was my first true revelation that God can do things through me which I, with my meager talents and abilities, am incapable of on my own. I know that the message I gave that day was not from me, but God speaking through me. Since that time, I have had some life experiences which I realize I would have not been able to succeed in or survive without God. He has also always given me the words to say when I was confronted with someone in need who needed a word of comfort and God’s love. I marvel afterward about what has occurred and where I got the wisdom that I know that I do not possess.

Truly, God has worked through me to accomplish some of His work. I look forward to many more “adventures” with God. I continue to seek spiritual guidance and know that he is not done with me yet. Praise God!