The Reason Behind Actions

Rebekah - glen mills, Pennsylvania
Entered on September 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

When I was a young girl, I begged my mother to let me play the violin. I had told her that it was truly what I wanted to do and that my goal was to get to Pre-college Julliard level. My mom finally let me start violin lessons and after the first week I wanted to quit. Everyday, my mother would urge me to practice the violin. I hated the violin. Whenever the dreaded time of practicing came about, I pleaded my mom to let me to quit. I always lost the argument and of course as I practiced, I would stare out the window with pure envy as I watched the other kids on the street running around and having fun. I would always think to myself that my mom was ruthless and that she was trying to torture me. Hour after hour I practiced with hate towards my mom.

At twelve, my teacher was preparing me for Pre-college Julliard. The first time I heard my violin teacher tell me what she had planned for me I suddenly realized why my mom had pushed me to practice everyday. She pushed me so that I could reach my goal even if it meant that I thought that she was cruel. As I think back to those days, I feel completely guilty and thankful. I realize why she would urge me to practice. My mom as a young girl would beg her mom to let her play an instrument. Financially, my grandmother was not able to support my mom’s wish. Because the opportunity of playing the violin was open to me and that’s what I truly wanted to be good at, my mom pushed me even though it stressed her to hear my complaining.

I know now that everything my mom puts me through is done through love and for the benefit of my future. I believe that everyone should think about the reason behind actions and that they shouldn’t assume what they think is obviously right.