Water for All

sarah - bangor, Maine
Entered on September 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that all people deserve a chance to live. I believe that whether you live in a shack in Somalia or a billion dollar mansion in Hollywood you should have access to healthy water. Because water is the “liquid gold.”

We live in so lucky of a country that our main concerns in life are, what kind of car your driving, if you have the newest and best cell phone, what label of clothes your wearing, or other material things like that. Now I’m not saying I am not part of this. Its hard not to get carried away with your own life, not thinking of others out in the world who are far less fortunate.

My eyes were opened up to this way of thinking about three years ago. I went with a friend to the mall and there was a big sign on the front door. In the sign it had two kids with buckets about the size of them, in their hands. Then below the picture it said words that are engraved in my mind forever. It said, “These two children walk three hours a day to get fresh water for their family”. I could not believe it. I literally stood there and read it over and over again, I could not fathom that these children walk three hours, for when I simply can turn a sink knob or even use a public water fountain three feet away. It is insane how here in America we argue about which bottled water is better and even some people won’t drink tap water! I believe that many Americans take for granted what a fortunate place we live in. How in every house there is plumbing, in every school there is at least one water fountain, and there are even huge water fountains that people just simply throw their spare change in. People, on a large scale, in the U.S. I think don’t know or realize that there are some little boys and girls out there in the world that die everyday from dehydration.

This moment in my life has completely changed my outlook on life. It has made me fully appreciate how good my life has been. And how I’d like to take my good life and use it to help others. To make their lives a little better. Maybe not make it so they have running water, but rather giving them immunizations, medications, anything to help their life a little bit. I want to be a developmental nurse, and work my whole life on helping children just like those two I once saw. I want to help as much as I can on making healthy water accessible to all, not just the privileged few.