Postive Thinking

Marlee - weston, Connecticut
Entered on September 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope

I believe in the power of positive thinking.

I believe a positive mental attitude can help you discover who you are as a person while granting you the ability to understand your thoughts and find meaning behind the emotions of everyday life. I believe positive thinking can change your life and the course of fate if you believe it so.

I first came across this method when I was strongly encouraged by my father to visit a woman by the name of Janice. She was a spiritual guide, of sorts, and opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking within that first two hour session. She made me aware that everyone fills a role, and fits a personality type in this life that we must embrace in order to find our inner self. This role shapes our character whether we realize it or not. After speaking about my life, we realized that everything about me screamed mediator. In any given conflict I would be the one people from either side turned to in a crisis for advice. This was the role I was living every day and yet had not recognized until that moment. Janice also made me aware of the many pitfalls of being a mediator, so that day I went home with my first set of positive thoughts, my mantra, to begin the long road of change.

Four other sessions over a six month period followed that day and in each session we refined my positive focus to fit my progress. Any time I remembered I would repeat my thoughts over and over again in my head, sometimes close to ten times per day, until they became second nature. To this day I continue this routine to further the change in my life. I say to myself: people are loyal, respectful, trustworthy, compassionate, honest, open, helpful, faithful, humorous, and kind. This is a tall order for myself and others but I know that my positive thinking will empower this change and attract these features in my life.

At first I did not understand how repeating positive thoughts over and over again in my head would have any direct effect in my life. However, over the next year and a half I implemented important changes. Over that period I completely changed my group of friends twice and grew apart from two best friends. This change did not occur without hours of uncomfortable and awkward conversation and waterfalls of tears. It is not an easy and painless road but the results are meaningful. My senior year of high school I found my true friends. Looking back now, this was all due in part to positive thinking. Slowly but surely I have become confident in myself while embracing my flaws. I have enhanced my role as a mediator while developing my skills as a listener. By repeating my mantra my subconscious recognizes my desire for change and then unconsciously and subtly my actions begin to change the environment around me. I started to see the characteristics I wanted in people, something I had not seen before. Believing in your thoughts will effect this change.

You may think this technique is impractical and that life changes without reason, but I believe otherwise. A simple encouraging thought can change someone’s life, and just maybe, if we all work at it, we can change the world.