This I Do Not Believe

Robert - Newport News, Virginia
Entered on September 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

“This I believe.” This I don’t believe is a better title for this speech. I am an agnostic, which means that I neither confirm nor deny the idea that there is a higher being. Many famous people have been agnostic, such as Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, and Charles Darwin. I believe that this view has made me more skeptical and more intellectually curious, because I do not take certain facts for granted. Agnosticism is one of the main beliefs that guide my decisions on a day to day basis.

Agnosticism is an old idea, and there is no way to know when it was established. The term was coined by Thomas Huxley in the 19th century, but there have been earlier agnostics, such as Voltaire and Thomas Jefferson. Agnosticism is sort of an umbrella term that covers many different viewpoints. Some agnostics believe that there is no way for humans to know whether or not there is a god. Others are simply undecided until more evidence is presented. Agnosticism is not to be confused with atheism, which asserts that there is no possibility that a god exists.

Ever since I was in second grade I questioned the existence of god. Back then the stories of the bible seemed impossible to me, so I decided not to believe in that anymore. Since then I have realized that the bible is a book of metaphors, but I still believe that many things were changed in translation. Once I got older I started researching other religions to see which one made the most sense. I still have not found one that I would convert to, but seeing many different religions’ beliefs has also affected mine. With all these different stories and ideas in the world, I find it difficult to claim one is better or more right than another. But that does not mean that I believe all these religions are wrong, or that there is no possibility of a higher being. I believe there is evidence on both sides of the issue, but none strong enough to rule the other side out.

The purpose of this speech was not to bash Christianity or Islam or any other religion. This was simply explaining how I think about god and why. The idea I want to leave you with is that you should never accept something without evidence, whether that evidence to you is faith based or not. You should never believe something just because someone tells you to believe it, and always have evidence to back up your beliefs.