My Hero

George - Charleston, South Carolina
Entered on September 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, love

This I Believe Essay: My Hero

Heroes are all over our world today. Some people, when they think about heroes, think about an out of this world man or woman with supernatural powers. They think about that person saving the world. My hero is a great role model. It is someone who cares for and loves me. My hero helps me in any situation, whether I am sick, sad, hurt, or just want to talk, my hero is always there for me. My hero cares for me like a mother cares for a newborn baby. I see my hero almost everyday and I love him. My hero is my dad.

My dad is a lawyer and works hard for the success and well being of my family and I. We spend a lot of time together because we have so much in common. Whether it be hunting, football, water skiing, or one of the many other things we do together we are almost always having a great time. Some of my favorite memories as a kid, and one of my favorite things now, are when my dad and I go up to Clemson to watch our beloved tigers play. We will “shoot the breeze,” on what’s up on the way up while listening to our favorite version of the Tiger Rag. We get a load of Bojangles chicken and gnaw on it until we are done. We throw the football while we are tailgating. I try and time my throws through the mass of defenders (tailgaters) so I count, one Mississippi-two Mississippi-three! I throw the ball. We have a great time before and after the game, but during the game it is all business. My dad and I sit next to each other in our seats in section UF row R of Death Valley. We are students of the game. We watch every play going over stats and predicting what the next play call will be. It is always a great event and an even better one when Clemson wins. It is one of those times where my dad is teaching and looking out for me. But, my hero doesn’t only help me through the easy times. He helps me when it is going tough. Sometimes, during a big round of tests, or exams, I will become overwhelmed by the amount of studying I need to do. Occasionally, when this happens I break down. I feel like I can’t study for the tests and I want to give up, but my hero comes to save the day. My dad will comfort and encourage me through the hard times, and often times he offers to call things to me to help me learn the material faster. Another time, about four years ago, my grandfather, my hero’s father passed away. He had a cancer and it looked like he was going to get through it, but at the last minute, he caught pneumonia and was lost from us. My grandfather and I were very close, and my dad and my grandfather were, “best buddies,” as we say. Obviously, it struck both of us very hard. Although it was a very tough loss, my dad helped me get through it. Even though we were very sad my Papa was gone, we knew he was in a better place, and out of suffering. Today, we still miss Papa, and we often go visit my grandmother, Umma. I am so thankful to have my hero, who helps me through the good and bad times. We love to laugh and play and talk and fake-fight, loving every minute of our time together.

As I said earlier, when people think of a hero, they think of a man or woman who has supernatural powers, and someone who saves the world. I believe my hero falls into this category. He is my dad who, to me, is out of this world. He has supernatural power to pick me up when I am down, or find me like a Shepard finds his sheep when they stray. Continuously, he saves my world from evil. He truly is my hero.