Censorship: The Cancer of our Civilization

Ian - Greeley, Colorado
Entered on September 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Censorship is the suppression and/or deletion of material, being communicative or in relation to media, which may be considered offensive, harmful, morally defacing, or questionable by a certain individual or group of individuals. Due to my personal experiences and strong belief in the subject, I call this “the cancer of our civilization”.

This belief dawned on me slowly as I realized that a lot of my interests and paths were being censored in one way or another. It made me disgusted to think that a group of people could actually stop me from obtaining information that I had been searching for, for so long. I had been searching for a book and movie considered obscene and morally defacing by other groups of individuals. I was searching for, in my opinion, one of the greatest works of literature and film I had ever experienced: A Clockwork Orange. This piece of literature changed the way I looked at life, and had censorship been enforced enough, I would have never gotten the chance to receive such enlightenment.

I understand that many of the general population hasn’t had the chance to experience the revelation that is A Clockwork Orange, so I’ll put it into perspective using another book: Huckleberry Finn. Mark Twain’s story of the young Mississippi boy and his adventures changed many people’s outlook on life, and introduced many of the population to some interesting vocabulary. Due to religious groups and political parties, this amazing book was burned and banned in many Southern states and some Northern states as well. Simply because, many of the elements in the book contradicted the views and beliefs of these groups and parties, and the sole reason the book was banned is because they had “power” enough to make the decision.

A field that I am particularly interested in is breaking computer security, and software exploits. Unlike some of my fellow “explorers” I don’t abuse these exploits and the knowledge I have of security. Censorship is all about keeping information from the end user, denying access to the truth, to the facts, and at the heart of computer security lies the very heart of censorship. I believe that I, being free not because of the country I live in, and not because of the rights I have, but because as a human being, I should have access to any information I see fit to expand my knowledge and understanding of this world. My individuality depends on my own personal beliefs, and my beliefs shape the outcome of my effect on our society.

Censorship is the cancer of our civilization, it eats away at our intelligence, our consumer awareness, our independence and our freedom as human beings, not as citizens of the nations we inhabit, or the corrupt laws we are forced to live under. I believe that censorship should be abolished, but I know that it never will be, as long as the world is ruled by money and personal gain, and the agendas of groups that force their opinions on us, be that religious or political, educational or agricultural.