I believe in others

Jacob - LaGrange, North Carolina
Entered on September 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change

This I believe in the power of others

And in the power of others changing too.

And many say with the finger pointed straight and long

“he just cannot change, he is just far too gone”

And on and on they go singing the unforgiving song.

But I have seen the meanest of mean and the most vile person who

Bent down to ask forgiveness on one knee

From those to whom they had been an enemy.

I see this clearly because I saw it in me.

I know that change is possible to those who seek it earnestly.

So this I plead to all around

Let good works always abound

Look for the best in those you see

Even if they are your worst enemy

People say others change but most don’t

This is the song of one who simply won’t

Look for the coming day to see

The power in the other that can be.

For change is possible through an atoning one.

God the Father who so lovingly gave us his son.

But as we step back to see the hand of him

Take the life on the sinner and begin to trim

Then we can know with a certainty

That change is possible in others including you and me.