This I Believe

Mara - seattle, Washington
Entered on September 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death, family

When i sat next to my sister’s bed trying to look over the wall of people watching her take her time slowly becoming less and less awake and more and more asleep, i knew that this was the end of her life but even though so many people were crying and wiping away tears on their faces, i knew that we were all smiling at heart because to had had a chance to know of maybe just had the chance to talk to my sister. listening to her take her final breaths it seemed to me that this time would never end, when i didn’t have to hear her lungs fight for oxygen. There were over 20 people in this little room, that could only really fit 7 people comfortably, I knew that what my sister had said to me six days before was true “never give up”. The Li-Fraumeni syndrome had been haunting her for so long, ever sence she was born, and she knew that her life was short so she decided to do as much as she could, she went to europe, she saw many mayan ruins with her husband doug, my mom, brother, dad and I, she almost finished collage and then the found the tumor. I remember sitting in the waiting room for almost seven hours waiting for the news that would soon change my life and the lives of so many others. after the surgery the doctor came out telling us that it was “bad” and i remember looking at him and wishing that there was some way that he could save her. soon after Sarah’s death i remember waiting for her to come through the door letting our dog hero jump into her arms but she never came and i never saw her again. but to cope with her loss i told my self “never give up, never give up!”