Business Dreams Foreclosed On

Lisa Ann - New Holstein, Wisconsin
Entered on September 20, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I listen to public radio every morning and hear about the trauma in the world around me. The topic that bothers me most is the foreclosure issue and the fact that the reason so many of us are falling victim to this experience is never brought up.

I decided to build a house five years ago. I didn’t loan more money than what I was able to pay in mortgage payments…at the time. My bank did not make a bad decision on taking a risk on me.

Here is what no one told me before building a new property. That taxes would not only go up, but that they would go up dramatically and the most important thing? That the cost of heating or cooling this property, and driving my car to my source of income would more than double in one year. Guess what…that was not in the budget.

This is my reality…I woke up the other morning listening to how the government was bailing AIG out of their situation wondering if President Bush had this sick feeling in the pit of his stomach of certain failure as a President. The same sick feeling that I have been experiencing in the pit of my stomach this entire year as my business declined on a weekly basis because people have to spend their money at the gas station, or the grocery store, or on their own heat/energy bills…so right now they can’t fulfill their wedding photo order. “I’m sorry…I just can’t afford that right now…you will keep the images right?”

Every morning for the last couple of months I’ve woken up wondering how I’m going to pay off the utility bill, and this week I got the letter…from the banks lawyer. I have 10 days to come up with almost $6000.00. If I email the White House do you think they will bail me out of this situation?

I wake up wondering what happened to my dream of building a business for photographers and brides at any budget level. I wonder if all my business dreams are being foreclosed on also?

I believe that for some reason no one is correlating the cost of fuel to the rising number of foreclosures in the residential market. That no one sees that small business can’t afford commercial spaces that at $15 a square foot plus the energy bills. That maybe instead of bailing out the big boys who have enough money in their own personal bank accounts to bail themselves out…that the government should be setting up a grant program for those of us losing our houses to those very same banks?

This is what I believe…the American dream of owning a house and a business is very quickly becoming “just a dream” because the reality is…I have to fill up my gas tank. (Oh…just so you know…I drive a VW bug…not a Land Rover.)