The Customer Is Always Right

Megan - Rensselaer, Indiana
Entered on September 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: respect

The Customer Is Always Right

I have always been told “the customer is always right.” I was forced to learn this rule the first day I was hired at Dairy Queen. I never understood why this is a universal rule. So next time you are the customer and you demand you are right, remember things happen, and we are not trying to inconvenience you.

The first rule of going through the drive–thru is to speak into that little machine that says, “Place order here.” While placing an order don’t be fiddling around. Also speak up, if you don’t know what you want to eat just ask for more time. After placing your order listen when I read it back to you so it’s not wrong. After all, it’s not my fault you changed your mind a million times and your dog wouldn’t stop barking. In addition to me saying your order back, actually pay attention. When you simply agree and pull around and then get mad when it’s wrong, that’s when the customer isn’t always right! So be nice to the person in drive–thru.

When I am put on a register, it’s my job to bring the company money. When I tell you your total, don’t get angry at me because your total is high. I will agree sometimes buttons do get pushed too many times or discounts vary. If you think it’s my goal to steal your money, think again. After I put your money into the register I have to give you a receipt, so it’s not like I am pulling a fast one on you. Be nice to the front counter person.

The job I hated most was cleaning the bathrooms. Can you really blame me for not wanting to be in there longer than necessary. It’s a quick wipe of the seat, swish of the bowl, swirl around the sink, mop of the floor, change of the toilet paper and towel dispenser. Don’t get me wrong, I never left it dirty, after all I would be using it too. Looking at the toilet paper and towel dispenser every ten minutes was not my main priority. So if you find that you are in the bathroom and there aren’t the necessities you need, just mention it to me and I will be glad to refill it. Be nice to the bathroom cleaner.

When I go into a business I don’t realize all that it takes to run that business and neither do many other people. Hours before opening to hours after closing it takes a well balanced, group of people to run things smoothly. Many times we would get cut down by people, or set back by unthinkable problems. However, we always showed up the next day. So, when you are the customer and you know that you are right, just remember to be nice to every hard worker in a business, and they will usually do the same for you.