Make it happen

Mandy - Woodriver, Illinois
Entered on September 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“There are people who make it happen, and then there are people who let it happen.” That is what my mother always told me. This I believe. When I was younger I never thought about what that meant to me. I was never really a “leader” in school or anything for that matter. I was always the person who let it happen, and that was a problem.

When my parents got divorced, my world came tumbling down. I couldn’t concentrate in school. When report cards would be handed out, everyone would be proud of themselves. Their parents would be as well. I never had a really good report card. The parents definitely weren’t satisfied. What was even worst is when I came home and my sister had a great report card, and here comes me with my D report card. Then I realized I didn’t pay attention in school. So how can I make good grades? I was letting myself slack off and I had to make my self get back into gear. I joined sports to make my self get good grades. If I didn’t have good grades I couldn’t participate. The grades weren’t the best but they were C’s and that was good enough for me.

I thought I over came letting things happen; I thought I was finally making things happen. It has always been my dream to be on the oilerettes dance team, but when freshman year tryouts came along I didn’t try out. I was waiting for someone to invite me to tryout with them. No one ever asked me so I never made my dream come true. Freshman year was ok. I played basketball and softball, that was fun, but I wanted more.

One night I was doing my homework and the phone rang, it was my friend Megan, she wanted to know if I wanted to tryout for the oilerettes. Finally something happened without me making it happen. The day of tryouts I was out of control scared. Waiting for that list was the worst three hours of my life. When four o’clock rolled around I went to the school, my name was on the list, I made the team.

I am now a senior in high school and the past two years of my life have been great. The team is my second family; we support and understand each other, we are sisters. Looking back and thinking on the day I made the team, I realized I was wrong my mother was right. If I made my self tryout for the team freshman year I could have more sisters and even more experiences then I do today. If I could go back I would, but I can’t I have no regrets. I got to live my dream and I couldn’t ask for more.