I believe that a mothers work is never done.

Angel - Casa grande, Arizona
Entered on September 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, work

My mom had done everything when we were younger, and always made sure we had

everything we needed to get by in school, and just everyday life. But there was one incident that I remember that showed me that my mom was a hard worker, and did what she needed to do in order to make sure her kids had what they needed.

When I was entering the 4th grade, my mom had taken my sisters and I school shopping. We were all nervous about starting school again but my mom assured us that we would do just fine. So we continued with our shopping, getting things like backpacks, pencils, and folders. The common necessities you need when you start school. One thing my sisters and I looked forward to was to do some clothes shopping. When we got done at that store we went to a clothing store.

We got chose our own clothes, and the things we liked. After we got done shopping we continued to walk to the checkout line to pay. While we were in line my mom realized she did not have enough money to pay for all the stuff we had picked out. So my mom had us pick out only two outfits for the time being, and she said we would come back for the rest later. My sisters and I looked at each other in confusion. Why? But we did as we were told and we left the store.

I remember the look on my mom’s face when she realized she could not afford it all. It wasn’t a disappointed look; it was more of a determined look. She knew that she would return for the clothes we had picked out. While we were driving home, I overheard my mom’s conversation to my grandma about how she still had to buy groceries, and pay some bills. So she did not have the money to purchase all the clothing right then and there. So for the next few weeks she worked overtime to save up enough money. At the time my mom was working and bettering her education by taking some college classes. She was working on getting a betterpaying job, and a job that she liked doing. During the time she was doing all this, we really didn’t get to see her as often during the week. However we had the weekends and we used that time wisely to catch up on what was going on in our lives. Soon after a week passed by, my mom came home, and told us to get ready to go to the store. We arrived to the store, and my mom asked for the clothes she had put aside for us, and it was given to her to pay.

I remember the look of accomplishment on her face. The look that she did it on her own, and got it done just in time for school to start. I to this day admire that in her. My mom is a hard worker, and had good things going on in her life. She had a great job, and great kids to be proud of everyday. I sometimes remind her, and thank her for being a good role model. Then I joke and say, you know your work as a mother is never done.