rehab is the way to go

tobin - coolidge, Arizona
Entered on September 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

Rehab is the best way to go

I believe sports rehab is the best way to come back from almost any injury. I say this because when I have ever gotten injured, going to the trainer to do rehab is the best way to come back from the injury. I have injured my legs a lot in high school from shin splints, to my Achilles tendon, and now in college my calf.

I say it’s the best way because when I hurt my calf if I keep walking or running while it’s over stretched meaning I’ve stretched it more than its limit and strained the muscle it hurts a lot. However with rehab they have showed me how to stretch it the right way without pushing it. Also by not letting me practice so I won’t make the situation worse and also how to strengthen the muscle so it won’t happen as easily the next time.

Even though it may hurt I think it’s better than medicine because it only helps for so long. If you don’t go to get rehab than you will be taking medicine everyday when the trainer can have it feeling better and stronger in an approximate amount of time depending on the injury. To athletes athletic trainers are like super heroes because of their knowledge of injuries and different techniques to help strengthen and build the athlete back to where they were or even stronger.

That’s why I am majoring to be one so I can be where they are now and I feel it’s a very important job because they are always going to be needed as long as sports exist. I think it’s an important job because when it comes to an injury they are one of the first on the seen and have to be able to assess what is wrong and are involved heavily in rehabilitation and reconditioning of injuries.