synchronizing with religion

Justin - beaverton, Oregon
Entered on September 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

I believe that religion isn’t something you have to agree with.

Growing up in a jewish family wasn’t my idea of an easy way through life. though I was at a young age, I still had this idea of displacement. Every sunday came by and it was the same old boring class making ornaments to display aroung the synagogue. At that time my family wasn’t dirt poor but wasn’t filthy rich.

Again and again these days kept coming and i was at my usual “screw-off” self. But around the age of whenever 6th to 7th grade is, i started to ask myself “what am I doing here” “is there a point in my education?” I have always thought of becoming christain, but i was still unsure about what i would do, what would change in my daily life.

The parent I was currently living with was, I think catholic before becoming jewish and i have yet to ask her why. I don’t think there’s some sort of formal baptisal congregation thing that you need to propose to change your beliefs. I don’t think judiasm is a wrong thing, I dont think any religion is wrong. Sometimes you may be critisized by your clothing or that you wear a weird hat everyday because thats what you believe in.

Im not saying that I beleive in judaism, Im not saying im christian, in fact, I dont know what I am, All I know is that I am myself and I have the right to manufacture my own choices.I ’m not trying to make a point or debate anything, but my belief is that religion is not something you have to agree with, you have the choice.i’m a high school kid.