A New Life. A New Me.

Jillian - Beaverton, Oregon
Entered on September 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

For reasons unknown to me, I was born into a Navy family. The first thing I can think of when I say that, is that is sucks. My dad has been stationed everywhere from Lamoure, Ca. to Honolulu, Ha. But, on deeper examination of my own life, and the experiences I’ve had, I think I’m pretty lucky. What kid has the privliage to drive across the country? Twice!!

Of course moving every two years is heart breaking, but every time I say good bye. My eyes are opened to an entirely knew life.

I think my time in Hawaii had the most impact on me. Of course there are all the beaches, tropical fish, sun, and surf. But the people I met, friends I made there, were some of the best I’ve ever been privileged to know. The times we spent, just walking around the mall, talking about life! Or playing on the swings, at the local elementry school.

I can’t remember moving from the continental U.S. to Hawaii, but I can remember coming from Hawaii to Portland. I got on the plane in Hawaii wearing a tank top and shorts, a nice ninety-degrees, and got off the plane to white flaky stuff falling from the sky. This was the first time, I can ever remember seeing snow!

I’ve seen the beaches of Hawaii, the Grand Canyon’s; I hiked to the top of an inactive volcano.

Of course, I feel the pang of jealousy when someone mentions having a best friend since grade school, or having a long time family friend. Sometimes I try and imagine my life, if I had stayed in one place. The only problem is deciding which one to stay in. Hawaii? Virginia? No. New York? Maybe. Then I hear my friends from ‘back home’ talking about how they miss me and how everything has changed. I’d want things to stay the same… That was the point of that dream!

Then I realize that nothing stays the same. Never. People move, teachers change. You see people’s true colors. They see yours. You can’t help it.

Sometimes the heartaches feel like they’ll never heal. Then a while down the road, I realize that my new group of friends, my new room, or even my new taste in music, they replace the bad memories with new ones, happier ones.

I believe that your experiences, and the way you face them, shape who you are. And who you are, shapes your experiences.

No one can only have good experiences. I know for a fact that I don’t! But even the bad ones still mean something to me. The friends I left back in New York make me thankful for ones I have now. And the time I wasted with being lazy, or regretful, or depressed, is time I wasted with them. Time, I now wish, I could have back.

So, even when it’s painful, you’ll get through it, and you might just come out a better person.