Sense of Humor

Matt - Wood River, Illinois
Entered on September 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in a sense of humor. A sense of humor in a person can bring the good out of anyone. Some people do not have comedy in their lives which can cause sadness and having no fun. Having a good sense of humor is also a way for people to judge other people. Everyone likes to joke around with each other, but people who can’t take a joke will soon get angry. People with a good sense of humor can laugh with everyone. I believe that the biggest part in having fun is laughter and without a sense of humor that is difficult to achieve.

The stories are endless of how sense of humor takes its place. The type of person I am makes it difficult for me to be serious, not that I can’t, I just find it easier to handle when taken with a lighter tone. Laughter is important to help keep heads up high. Anyone who is laughing is happy for that one moment regardless of their emotion before. Laughter has been claimed as “the best medicine in the world.” I believe in that one-hundred percent.

People come to me needing a friend to help them with their problems. Usually during their story I’ll interrupt them and make little funny remarks about it. I never say anything that would be offensive to them but just enough to get a little laugh from them. When I get that chuckle a smile usually follows, which was my main goal from the moment they said they needed help. Laughing is a good way to solve your problems. Taking everything serious all the time just keeps adding up.

Now I do believe there is a time when being serious is very important, such as a family death. This isn’t something that’s taken lightly, and everyone there is very morbid and serious. The best way to bring out the sense of humor is to remember the funniest story you have with that person. People will soon find themselves laughing, sharing their stories with everyone else. Laughter is what makes a dreadful situation easier to handle.

In life everything is not going to be perfect and happy, times will come where everything is depressing. Having laughter in life makes those situations possible to get through. That’s why I believe a sense of humor to me is the one of the most valuable aspects in a person. I believe that a sense of humor is what sets people a part. Being serious all the time just makes it difficult to handle all the different situations in my life.